IP addresses used in the Adobe Marketing Cloud

Some clients' firewall configurations block IP addresses originating from Adobe's data collection servers or servers responsible for accessing data. The following list of IP address blocks covers the currently known addresses involved in the Adobe Marketing Cloud. You can use this list of ranges to alter your organization's firewall settings to allow log-in access to the Adobe Marketing Cloud. You can also use them to send data from within your organization.

While Adobe does its best to keep this document current, it cannot guarantee the list of IP ranges will remain the same. Possible changes could include:

  • Growth and expansion of the business beyond the current list of IP ranges
  • ARIN requiring changes to Adobe's IP address space
  • An ISP stops functioning

Exclude ALL Adobe IP address blocks

The following table covers all Marketing Cloud public IP addresses owned by Adobe. These ranges include standard data collection servers and regional data collection servers for Adobe Analytics.

  CIDR notation Starting IP Ending IP
Block 1
Block 2
Block 3
Block 4
Block 5
Block 6
Block 7
Block 8
Block 9

Exclude specific IP address blocks

If your organization prefers to exclude specific IP Address ranges, you can use the following.

All of the below ranges are included in the above table.

Data collection and FTP servers

  CIDR notation Starting IP Ending IP
Hong Kong
New Jersey
Sao Paulo
San Jose