Create Calculated Metrics

Adding calculated metrics will be helpful when making pay-per-click decisions.

For example, you could add these calculated metrics:

Name Formula Metric Type Description
Page Views per Visit Page Views/Visits Numeric When applied at a site level: shows the average number of pages per visit. When applied in the Most Popular Pages report: shows the average number of times a specific page was viewed per visit.
Average Order Value Revenue/Orders Currency Shows average revenue per order.
Revenue per Visit Revenue/Visit Currency Shows average revenue per visit.
Click Thru Rate (CTR) Clicks/Impressions Numeric Measure the ratio of clicks to impressions of an online ad or email marketing campaign
Profit Revenue - Cost Currency Shows the revenue of a campaign minus the cost.
Profit per Impression (PPI) (Revenue - Cost)/Impression Currency Shows how much revenue was being generated every time an ad displayed, balanced with cost.
Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) Sales amount/ad spend Currency (ROI) Represents the dollars earned per dollars spent on the corresponding advertising.