CP1252 Windows-1252 Character Set

The CP1252 encoding and character set (otherwise known as the Windows-1252 or simply Windows character set) is a superset of ISO-8859-1.

The CP1252 characte rset was developed by Microsoft and is used primarily by Microsoft Windows systems. This encoding uses the 128-159 code range to display additional characters not included in the ISO-8859-1 character set.

Character Number Character Character Description
128 Euro currency symbol
130 ' single low-9 quotation mark
131 ƒ Latin letter f with hook
132 " double low-9 quotation mark
133 horizontal elipsis
134 dagger
135 double dagger
136 ˆ modifier letter circumflex accent
137 per mille sign
138 Š Latin letter S with caron
139 single left angle quotation mark
140 ΠLatin ligature OE
142 Ž Latin letter Z with caron
145 ' left single quotation mark
146 ' right single quotation mark
147 left double quotation mark
148 right double quotation mark
149 bullet
150 endash
151 emdash
152 ˜ small tilde
153 ˜ trademark sign
154 š Latin letter s with caron
155 single right angle quotation mark
156 œ Latin ligature oe
158 ž Latin letter z with caron
159 Ÿ Latin letter Y with dieresis
Note: Since this character set is not standardized across all platforms and browsers, these character codes are not valid HTML, though they will display properly on some systems and browsers. Use of these character codes will result in inconsistent display across browser versions and operating systems. To properly display these characters requires a more advanced character set and encoding, such as UTF-8 Encoding Unicode Character Set.