About First-Party Cookies

Analytics uses cookies to provide information on variables and components that do not persist between image requests and browser sessions. These harmless cookies originate from a domain hosted by Adobe, known as third-party cookies.

Many browsers and anti-spyware applications are designed to reject and delete third-party cookies, including those used in Analytics data collection. In order to circumvent tracking limitations imposed by browsers and programs, you can implement first-party cookies.

Two options are available to implement first party cookies

If your site has secure pages using the https:// protocol and you are not using the Marketing Cloud Visitor ID service, you can work with Adobe to obtain an SSL certificate in order to implement first-party cookies

The SSL certificate issuance process can often be confusing and time consuming. As a result, Adobe established a partnership with DigiCert, an industry leading Certificate Authority (CA), and developed an integrated process by which the purchase and management of these certificates is automated.

With your permission, we will work with our CA to issue, deploy, and manage a new SHA-2 SSL certificate for you. Adobe will continue to manage this certificate and ensure that an unexpected expiration, revocation, or security concern, does do not threaten the availability of your organizations secure collection.

Important: The Adobe Managed Certificate Program is the recommended process for implementing first-party cookies.

Documentation Update History

Date Description

May 22, 2015

Added Adobe Managed Certificate Program.

Complete rewrite of this guide.

November 13, 2012

South America Data Center Online

We now require that SSL certificates be licensed for installation on up to 10 servers.

May 9, 2012

  • Corrected the s.visitorMigrationServer and s.visitorMigrationServerSecure examples. See Update implementation code.
  • Added a note that SSL certificates purchased from a CA should be licensed for installation on up to 9 servers.

July 12, 2012