Success Metrics Report

The Success Metrics report shows the performance of your success metrics.

  1. From the Campaign Home page, open the campaign, click on Reports, select Success Metrics Report from the Type dropdown, then click Apply.
  2. As needed, change the comparison column or Counting methodology.

    Click Show. The lift and confidence will display. Mouse over to see statistical significance and confidence intervals.

    To view the statistics for a single success metric, select the desired success metric and click Show.

    Note: If you chose **display mboxes** for a success metric, reports will count 1 impression per page view even if there are multiple mboxes on a page.

    If your campaign contains multiple success metrics, you can aggregate the conversion data across success metrics by selecting the success metrics you wish to aggregate in Conversion Success Metrics.

  3. If used in your campaign or test, view segment filters for each success metric.
  4. For more information read about Report Data.