Validate an Mbox

After you create an mbox, validate it to make sure it was created correctly and is listed in the targeting system.

  1. With a Web browser, open the Web page where you inserted the mbox.
  2. Refresh the Web page.

    The mbox is recognized and listed in your account.

  3. Confirm the mbox is listed in the tool.
  4. Refresh the mbox list in one of two places.
    • Mouse over Locations, then click List > refresh
    • Refresh List on the campaigns setup/edit page
  5. If your mbox is still not listed, use the mboxDebug pop-up to confirm the mbox is recognized by the browser.
    1. In your browser, navigate to the page containing the mbox.
    2. Ensure pop-ups are enabled on your browser.
    3. Add mboxDebug=1 to the end of the URL in your browser's navigation toolbar:


    4. A pop-up window appears containing information about mboxes on the page and the cookies set by those mboxes.
  • If the mbox is not listed or mbox debug window does not appear, refer to the Mbox Troubleshooting Matrix section of the Help.
  • Use the close link in the page to keep the pop-up from coming back.
  • If you need to meet URL target conditions to see your page, include the required parameters and values in the Debug URL.