A plug-in is a way to deliver offer content to the site outside of a normal campaign structure.

There are three types of JavaScript plug-ins that can be defined. You can define multiple plug-ins of the same type. Please be careful when saving these plug-ins, because they take immediate effect.

  • All mbox requests

    This JavaScript is outputted with every mbox request.

  • Display mbox requests only

    This JavaScript is outputted with every display mbox request (including default content part of a campaign).

  • First mbox request only

    This JavaScript is outputted on the first mbox request on the page only.

The content to be delivered to the site is saved as a normal offer. This content can be a JavaScript tag, or other HTML or JavaScript. Then the offer is assigned to a plug-in.

  1. Click Configuration > Plug-Ins.
  2. Click Add JavaScript Plug-In.
  3. Fill in the form to configure the plug-in.

    Choose the mbox to deliver the content, and the serve condition (whether to show the content in one mbox on every page, in every mbox, or in a specific mbox). You can also specify the start and end date, and approve it to be shown live on the site.

  4. Click Save.