Set Up Your Site

Before you can use A/B and multivariate testing to display targeted content on your site, you must set up your Web pages.

Consider both the design of your page and the strategy of your campaigns, including how offers will be targeted and displayed, and which metrics will be used to measure success.

Once your strategy and design are defined and your pages created, take the following steps to prepare your Web sites. Start by reading the Test&Target Integration Guide.

  1. Download the mbox.js to each of your hosts that will serve content for the campaign or tests.
  2. Set up host groups (domains) to serve development, staging and, production content.
  3. Add the user accounts for your team members who will create offers, create campaigns, or view reports.
  4. On all Web pages that will have mboxes, insert a reference to the mbox.js.
  5. Insert the mboxes on the Web pages, according to your strategy and design. This includes defining default content for all mboxes.
  6. Run a non-display campaign for a few days to compare your Analytics metrics reports with Target's reports.

    There can be discrepancy's between Target data and data in other analytics tools, such as SiteCatalyst. For more information, see Understanding Expected Data Variances.

  7. If you are using targeting, Reserved Name mboxes, or Segment Filters, or tracking orders or sales, ensure all needed parameters are associated with the mboxes in your campaign or test.
  8. You are now ready to create offers and set up a campaign or test.
    Offer content can be managed outside Target, using a URL to reference this content. If you use this kind of dynamic offers, prepare the dynamic snippets on your host.