Counters and Success Metrics

Set up counters and success metrics to measure the results from a campaign or test.

  1. Create or edit any campaign or test.
  2. Click Choose Conversion or Other Success Metrics to open that section.
  3. Click Add Success Metric.

    Add as many success metrics as you need. Title each success metric and select a unique mbox for each success metric.

    Mbox Selection Options:

    • An individual mbox
    • **display mboxes**

      Any active display mbox on any page will be counted for that success metric.

    • **clicks from display mboxes**

      A click on any display mbox in the campaign is counted.

    Tip: Because visitor's landings are already reported, there is no need to use success metrics for these.

  4. Use other success metrics setup options to meet your needs including:
  5. Click Save to save the campaign and your success metrics setup.
  6. Complete campaign quality assurance before approving the campaign.