Restrict the Order of Success Metrics

Restrict the order of success metrics when you are interested in reports only in cases where a certain sequence was followed.

Note: Restricted order success metrics only restrict reports. Display is not impacted. To make a success metric a prerequisite for display, see Targeting Display to a Prerequisite Success Metric.

For example, restricting the order of success metrics is useful in the following business scenarios:

  • Report visits to your subscription form, only if the visitor saw an incentive message.
  • Report visits only if the visitor followed a set sequence of success metrics.

  1. Create a success metric following normal success metrics setup.
  2. For a subsequent success metric, select the target icon.
  3. Select Display when "Success Metric."
  4. Select the prerequisite success metric.

    This restrains only your reports, not the visitors' display.

    You have the option to select landing mbox impression if the entry page (success metric) of your campaign is the only prerequisite. The mbox you choose at the campaign level target is the prerequisite entry success metric. By default this is any display mbox.

    Note: If the campaign level targeting is display mboxes (the default setting) do not choose Landing Page Impression as the prerequisite or no one will be tracked for that success metric.
  5. Select the comparison type has been or has not been seen.
  6. Click done.