Mbox Troubleshooting Matrix

Use the Mbox Troubleshooting Matrix to help you identify problems with your mboxes.

  1. Browse to the page with your mbox.
  2. If the mbox appears blank in the browser, check and fix the potential errors listed for that symptom, using the troubleshooting response flow below.

    Tip: After fixing the errors, delete your cookies and clear cache. Close and reopen a browser and reload the page.

  3. Ensure pop-ups are enabled, then append ?mboxDebug=1 to the end of the URL.

    If the Debug window reports any of the symptoms listed in the left column, check and fix the root cause errors.

  4. Again, clear cookies and cache, close browser and reload the page to verify the errors have been fixed.

Potential Root Cause Errors

The following table helps to discover the possible causes of mbox errors.

Troubleshooting Resources

The Mozilla Firefox browser includes a JavaScript console that quickly finds and lists the JavaScript errors in your page. Firefox also offers an extension (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/remove-cookies-for-site/) that allows you to clear cookies from the site you are on. This helps you test your campaigns without removing all of your browser cookies.

See Troubleshooting Mboxes for detailed mbox troubleshooting steps.