Mbox Request Report

The Mbox Request report shows the number of mbox requests for each mbox over a specified time period so you can determine which mboxes are getting the most traffic.

The Mbox Request report helps you:

  • Understand which mboxes are creating the most requests
  • See which mboxes are not generating requests so you can improve, activate, or remove them
  • See which mboxes are creating a lot of requests that you are not using so you can deactivate or remove them
  1. Click Locations > Usage > Mbox Requests.
  2. Select the type of mboxes you want to list.

    You can choose from:

    • All server calls
    • Classic mbox calls
    • Global server calls
    • SiteCatalyst Plug-In
    • Flashbox
    • All mobile mbox calls

      This is the count of all mbox calls coming from a mobile device, either mobile web or mobile SDK.

    • Rawbox calls
    • Mobile SDK

      Includes only mbox calls that come from mobile SDKs.

  3. Select whether to show the mbox requests for the last 31 days or the last six months.
  4. Select whether to display requests for all mboxes or per mbox.

    If you select to show requests per mbox for the last six months, the report shows the number of requests for each month.

    Note: "Last Six Months" does not include the current month.
  5. (Optional) Click Download CSV to download the report as a CSV file.

You can sort the report by any column by clicking the column header.