Creating a Campaign: Overview

Creating a campaign typically involves several steps.

  1. Name the campaign, set start and end dates, set a priority, and configure the targeting rules governing who sees this campaigns content.

    With the exception of the campaign, all settings have appropriate defaults that simplify this step.

  2. Select the locations where the campaign's content appears.

    Locations are the mboxes on your site.

  3. Create experiences and assign offers to your locations for each experience.

    You can also assign targeting rules to different experiences.

  4. Select your success metrics, which measure the effectiveness of your campaign.
  5. Apply any segment filters to your campaign.

    Segments filters allow you to analyze campaign effectiveness for different types of visitors.

To create a campaign

  1. To create a campaign, click Campaigns > Create, then select the type of campaign you want to create.
  2. Configure the campaign as explained in Change Campaign Settings