Configure the Integration (Deprecated)

Before you can use the Analytics integration, you must contact an account representative to enable it for your company.

As of April 17, 2014, the information in this section has been deprecated, and is replaced by the Adobe Analytics as the Reporting Source for Adobe Target functionality. Adobe is continuing to support the former integration methods, but it is recommended that you use the new functionality.

When you contact Adobe, your representative can inform you of any obligations you may have in conjunction with enabling the integration. Once enabled, you can begin to complete the remaining procedures.

Minimum Requirements

It is assumed that your site is already tagged with both Analytics (version H.19 or higher) and Target (version 36 or higher). Also, the integration requires a bottom-of-page Analytics tagging implementation.

Adding a plug-in code snippet into the Analytics s_code.js

Please contact Consulting Services for the appropriate plug-in code for s_code.js.

Creating and activating a plug-in offer in Target

Once the s_code.js plug-in snippet is in place, you need to create a plug-in offer to attach to all of your display mboxes. This offer creates the link between Target and Analytics. When you create it, it is automatically dispersed to all your mboxes. To create the plug-in offer:

  1. Click Offers > Create > HTML and Image Offer.
  2. Name the offer with descriptive name that you will not confuse with other offers.

    A name like "Analytics Integration Offer" is appropriate.

  3. Select HTML Offer as the display type.
  4. Paste the specialized HTML code into the HTML field:
    <script type="text/javascript">
    if (typeof(s_tnt) == 'undefined') {
    var s_tnt = '';
    s_tnt += '${}:${}:‚Äč${campaign.recipe.trafficType},';
  5. Save the offer.
  6. Associate the offer with a rule that always sends it to the browser with each campaign's display mbox response.

    Select Configuration > Plug-ins. Click the Add JavaScript plug-in button.
  7. Name the plug-in.
    Specify a name like "Analytics plug-in."
  8. In the Serve Condition field, select Display mbox requests only so all offers served by Target include campaign and experience information.
  9. In the JavaScript offer field, select the offer that you created previously in this procedure.
  10. Enable the Serve in production host group check box.

    You can leave it unchecked if you only want the plug-in offer outputted to pages in non-production host groups.

  11. Click Save.