Campaign Type

Campaign types determine campaign and test behavior.

For information about the campaign types, see Understanding the Types of Campaigns and Tests.

From the Campaign Type drop-down list, select the desired campaign type.

If the Campaign Type drop-down list is not showing, click Show campaign details.

A/B..N Campaign: Compares two or more versions of your website content to see which best lifts your conversions, sales, or registrations. See Create an A/B Test.

Landing Page Campaign: Compares two or more landing pages to determine which leads to the most conversions. See Create a Landing Page Campaign.

Monitoring Campaign: Use a monitoring campaign to track the performance over time of a conversion, success metric, or segment, independent of the tests or campaigns run to affect it. See Create a Monitoring Campaign.

In addition to these campaign types that are available on the Edit page, you can create the following campaign types by selecting them from the Campaigns menu:

1:1 Campaign: Uses sophisticated modeling approaches to automatically target each individual by accounting for everything known about that visitor. It is recommended that you work with a Test&Target consultant when setting up a 1:1 campaign.

Flash Campaign: Lets you upload a Flash file (.swf) to Target, and create alternate experiences for Flash elements. A marketer can type in alternatives to Flash elements without ever needing to open Flash Pro. When the Flash file is trafficked either on your site or off your site, the campaign is enabled, and visitors see different experiences based on a random test or assigned targeting rules. See Create a Flash Campaign.