Campaign Start and End Dates

The start and end dates define the length of the campaign.

The start and end dates show when the campaign starts and when it ends. The default is set to When Approved and When Deactivated. This ensures that your campaign begins and lasts for the duration of your test. Remember, you cannot view or preview a campaign before the start date or after the end date.

Note: The time zone is determined when you create your account. To change your time zone, ask your account representative.
  1. If the start and end dates are not showing, click Show campaign details.
  2. To change the start date, click the first date in the Date Range.

    By default, the start date is "when approved." Click the Calendar icon to specify a specific date and time. You can also click the Calendar icon to change a specific date and time to "when approved."

    If you stop and restart a campaign, the start date remains the date when the campaign was first approved.

  3. To change the end date, click the end date Calendar icon and specify a date and time.

    By default, the end date is "When deactivated." If a campaign is active, the end date that displays is the current date. If a campaign has been deactivated multiple times, the end date is the last time it was deactivated.