Optional Features

You can add several optional features to your campaign or test.

Feature Description

Success Metrics (Funnel) Analysis

All campaigns and tests report total visitors entering the campaign and total conversions. If you want reports on intermediate success metrics, add these to your campaign or test. This is especially useful to find the leaks in your registration or ordering process, or if your converted traffic is too low to provide confident results. Add counters or success metrics to any A/B, Multivariate, or Landing Page Test.

Multiple Conversions

By default, all campaigns have a conversion success metric that appears beneath any user-added success metrics. A conversion is an action you have defined as a success event on your Web site, such as a complete purchase. You can turn any success metric into a conversion by passing it order information. Furthermore, you may have multiple conversions in existence simultaneously.

On Success Metric Action

Default behavior for users after visiting a conversion success metric is to require campaign re-entry before being recounted. With this feature, you can control what conditions a user must fulfill to be recounted as well as what content they will view after visiting a success metric. For more details see Success Metric Advanced Options.

Targeted Campaign or Test

Target content to visitors based on one or more parameter values, including source, keyword search terms, new or returning visitors, profiles, category affinity, products ordered or viewed, and more. Add targeting to an A/B, Multivariate, Landing Page, Optimizing, or a Display Only campaign. See Target a Campaign or Test.

Segment Filters

Segment filtering permits you to see report detail for different population segments. Use this feature in conjunction with an A/B, Multivariate, Landing Page, or Self-Optimizing Campaign. Segment filter your visitors by source, keyword search, profile or any other parameter.