Rules-Based Targeting

Rules-based targeting uses parameters you establish to target based on specific criteria. If visitors meet the criteria, they are included in the campaign and campaign reports.

You can group visitors based on anything Target knows about the visitor, including how the visitor reached the site, technographic information such as the browser and operating system, geographic data, and visitor behavior attributes. You can specify parameters and values passed on your Web site as preconditions for display. For more information about setting up targeting conditions, see Setting Targeting Rules.

You must enter unencoded characters in targeting conditions to match correctly. All campaign targeting criteria use unencoded characters.

The following list shows some examples of targeting:

  • A Landing Page campaign that shows exclusive content to visitors coming from an email notice

    Everyone else sees default content.

  • An A/B/C/D test to only visitors from your sports affiliates
  • An A/B/C/D test limited to a single category in your merchandising database
  • A multivariate test only to visitors who searched on the keywords "mortgage" or "mortgage rate"
  • An A/B...N campaign that shows different content based a returning visitor's category affinity
  • An A/B...N campaign offering a high-margin product to consumers fitting into top cells, according to your RFM analysis