Combined Rules-Based and Percentage Targeting

You can combine percentage-based and rules-based targeting.

For example, you might want to show a particular offer to 60 percent of visitors from California. When using the two targeting styles together, the rule is considered first, then the percentage. In this example, all California visitors are sampled first, then 60% of those visitors see the specified content.

You might want to test within mutually exclusive groups, such as new or returning visitors, or purchasers vs. non-purchasers. And, you might want to show 30% of your new users one set of content. Or you might want 75% of non-purchasers to view a particular offer that you only want to show to 25% of purchasers.

For example, you might create a campaign with four experiences that you want to target as follows:

  • Experience A: Targeted to 20% of male visitors
  • Experience B: Targeted to 80% of male visitors
  • Experience C: Targeted to 10% of female visitors
  • Experience D: Targeted to 90% of female visitors

In this example, the segments Male or Female are determined first, then the segments are divided according to the specified percentages.

  • Segment Male
    • 20% Experience A
    • 80% Experience B
  • Segment Female
    • 10% Experience C
    • 90% Experience D