Campaign Spotlight

The Campaign Spotlight helps you quickly see how a campaign is doing so you can make decisions based on campaign data. The Spotlight also helps you compare the campaign objectives with the actual results.

You can share a campaign spotlight with another person for review. The person you share a spotlight with does not have to be able to log in. Click Share, then type the recipient's email address and any other information you want to provide. You can save your settings so others who view your spotlight see it the way you set it up.

To open the campaign Spotlight, click a campaign name in the Campaigns Launch Pad or the Campaigns list.

The Spotlight is divided into several sections:

Objective & Result: Specify the objective of the campaign and the result achieved. Typically, the objective records the desired result and the result records the actual result.

Notes: Record notes about the campaign. Notes can include any information you want to record. For example, a note might contain statistics from a certain point in the campaign, information about effectiveness of the campaign, or ideas for how the campaign could be improved. Notes are displayed on the Campaigns Launch Pad.

Winning Experience: View data about the experience that is currently winning.

Data Overview: View graphs that provide a quick overview of the current campaign results.

Experience Snapshots: Snapshots create a record of your various experiences in the campaign. Snapshots are automatically taken while the campaign is running. You can also take a snapshot at other times and upload them to this section. You can download all snapshots for use in reports or your internal repository.

At the top of the Spotlight, a toolbar enables you to perform the following actions on the campaign:

Approve: Approve and activate the campaign. See Approve a Campaign.

Copy: Create a new campaign based on the selected campaign. The current campaign is not altered.

Close: Delete the selected campaign.

Archive: Send the campaign to the archive. You can approve an archived campaign to make it active again.

Automate: Change the campaign to an Optimizing campaign. The Optimizing campaign automatically determines which experience is the best to show to each segment defined in the campaign. See Create an Optimizing (Auto-Targeted) Campaign.

Email Experiences: Email the campaign to another person.

Add MVT Design: Design a multivariate test for the campaign. You can design the test and specify elements and alternatives to create the experiences used in the multivariate test.