If multiple campaigns match an mbox request, Test&Target uses a set of prioritization rules to determine which campaign displays content in the mbox.

Note: This topic applies to Target Classic. If you are using Target Standard, different priority rules apply, as explained in the Target Standard help.

Select Locations > List to see which campaigns are using the mbox.

Also, a notice on the Campaign Edit page shows how many other campaigns share a display mbox, useful for understanding which campaigns take priority. Click the notice for details, including the campaign name, priority, start date, and status.

The highest priority campaign wins control of an mbox. A low-priority campaign cedes control to the higher priority campaign. If two campaigns have the same priority, the campaign with campaign targeting is displayed. If both campaigns have targeting, the campaign that was targeted most recently has priority. Otherwise, the campaign created most recently wins control of the mbox.

Even in cases where two campaigns share only one mbox, the higher priority campaign wins control of the mbox. For example: Campaign A is low priority. Campaign B is high priority. Campaign A and Campaign B share mbox3. A visitor enters Campaign A and for mbox 1 and mbox 2 sees Campaign A's content. However, upon reaching mbox3, the visitor suddenly sees Campaign B content.

The Monitoring Campaign runs at even a lower priority than a low-priority campaign. These campaigns track the performance over time of a conversion, success metric, or segment, independent of tests or campaigns run to affect it.

Use this feature for cases where you use the same mbox for simultaneous campaigns. For example, you are testing a future campaign that shares an mbox with a current campaign.


If you have two activities, one targeting the branded search keyword Nike and the second targeting the non-branded keyword sneakers, the priorities of both activities are checked. If the Nike activity has a higher priority, that content displays. Likewise, if the sneakers activity has the higher priority, its content displays.

Since both activities have targeting, then the activity that was most recently viewed displays. If the visitor is new to the page, then the activity that was started most recently displays.