Click Tracking

Clicks can be tracked as success events.

Tracking clicks usually provides quicker results with a higher confidence level than tracking success only at the end of the funnel.

Use Click From Display Mbox to track clicks. This is built-in functionality. When you add a success metric to a campaign, the option Click From Display Mbox is always in the mbox drop down. If you select this option, the success metric automatically counts anyone clicking anywhere in the mbox div area and landing on a page that has an mbox.js file. There must be an mbox.js file on the destination page for a click to be tracked.

You can also track clicks by adding an onclick event to any link. This technique only tracks direct links, can be used without an mbox, and can be used to return additional information, such as:

  • Name for the click
  • Weighting for a click
  • Analytics information
  • Incorporation into Analytics onClick tracking

This technique requires extra code in the mbox and in the links you want to track.

Add the following code to the Extra JavaScript section of the mbox.js setting page and then download the new mbox.js file and replace your old one on your site:


function tt_Log (URL) {

var mboxDestination = ("Destination="+URL);

mboxUpdate('Customer_Name_onClick', mboxDestination);


function tt_Redirect(URL){

var mboxDestination = ("Destination="+URL);

mboxUpdate('Customer_Name_onClick', mboxDestination);

window.setTimeout("window.location.href='" + URL + "'", 500);


Any name can be used for the Customer_Name in the code. This appears as an mbox that can be selected as a success metric.

Change your links on your page or in your offers to include the onClick parameter (the bold text in the "changed" examples), as shown in the following table:

Type of Link Link Code Changes

Open in a new window

Original: <a title="Test Link" href="" target="_blank"> Test Link </a>

Changed: <a title="Test Link" href="" target="_blank" onclick="tt_Log(this.href);">Test Link</a>

Open in the same window

Original: <a title="Test Link" href="" >Test Link</a>

Changed: <a title="Test Link" href="" onclick="tt_Redirect(this.href); return false;">Test Link</a>

Talk to your consultant for additional techniques for tracking clicks.