Behavioral Ads

You can test and track visits to ads and other offsite content. You can also identify the same user on and off your site and deliver a consistent experience throughout their web experience. Using a single URL, the AdBox allows testing without JavaScript or the mbox.js.

An AdBox is useful for testing marketing from sites that do not have mbox.js, such as affiliates. If your campaign needs dynamic creative (for example, you need to show a product in the ad that was abandoned in the cart), you cannot use an AdBox. In this case, use the Flashbox combined with the Display Campaign. Please contact your account representative for details.

The following table compares a Redirector, AdBox, and Flashbox and when to use each:

Purpose When To Use URL Structure Offer Type Offer Content


Redirects a visitor to a different web page

To change the landing page of an ad


redirect offer

URL for a page


Returns different images to the ad

To change the content of an ad


redirect offer

URL for an image


Returns content elements to a Flash file

To change content within a Flash ad

See the Flashbox ActionScript classes.

Built in to campaign

Flash-readable content

Redirector and AdBox ads can be used with any kind of campaign. Flashbox can only be used with Flash or Display Ads.

Business Cases

  • Monitor ad performance real time, from first click to final conversion.

    Compare multiple ads in a test.

  • Track view throughs.

    A view through is when a user does not immediately click on the ad when he sees it, but later arrives at your site organically.

  • Combine ad testing with cost and revenue tracking to quickly see real-time total revenue for that ad.
  • Test and compare various landing locations of the ad, for example the home page, the category page, and product page.


  • Use a single URL to provide default content, alternative content and to track visitors, clicks, and impressions.
  • Allows you a central point of control for ads, onsite content, and offsite clicks. Simpler to run tests across multiple publishers.
  • Simpler to run tests across multiple publishers.
  • Requires no JavaScript or mbox.js.


  • There is no client side timeout as with standard mboxes. If Target is completely down, (which almost never happens), visitors to the ad will not see content, not even default.
  • Third party cookies are used to track the visits to the ad. If the PCIds are different, by default the visitor's 3rd party is merged with any existing 1st party profiles.
  • To use first party cookies on the AdBox itself, you will need to pass the mBox session in the URL. Talk to your account representative to do this.
  • To use more than one AdBox on the same page, you must pass the Mbox session in the URL. Talk to your account representative to do this. You may have one AdBox and one Redirector link on the same page (because the Redirector is actually on a second page).