The primary goal of host management is to ensure that no unapproved content accidentally appears on websites.

When an mbox request is received from a new website or domain, these new domains always appear in the production host group. The production host group cannot have its settings changed, so unknown or new sites are guaranteed to see only content that is approved and ready. Host management also lets you easily assure the quality of new campaigns and content in your test, staging, and development environments before you approve the campaigns.

Tip: Target does not limit a host that can send and receive mboxes, so when new servers or domains come up, they automatically work. This also enables ad testing on different domains you don't know or can't anticipate.

To manage hosts, select Hosts from the Configuration menu.

One host group, the default host group, is pre-named the production host group. The default host group cannot be deleted, even if you rename it. It is assumed this is where you will serve final, approved campaigns and tests.

Tip: To reduce technical issues with campaigns and offers, ensure all hosts match in file structure, styles and templates.