A campaign is your means of controlling what content to show to whom, and when to show it.

There are several types of campaigns, including the following:

  • Multivariate test
  • A/B tests
  • Optimizing campaigns
  • 1:1 campaigns
  • Display ad campaigns
  • Landing page campaign
  • Monitoring campaigns

All campaigns track conversion rates and show results in reports. Tests compare the conversion rates of different experiences.

Any campaign can target content to a specific audience. When your primary objective is targeting content to different types of users, you will typically use an A/B Campaign, a Landing Page Campaign, or a Display Ad Campaign. To create a campaign, click the button for the campaign type you want to create.

Read-only users can view the campaign configuration in a “read-only” view of the Edit interface, making it easier to validate the configuration of campaigns.

In most campaigns, returning visitors, even if converted, see the same content through the life of the campaign. The exception is the Landing Page campaign which permits you to use targeting to allow a visitor to see new content with each impression.