About Conversion Mboxes

Every campaign or test must select a conversion activity. Often, an mbox is chosen as the conversion activity.

The conversion mbox logs your test or campaign results, such as registrations, orders, or sales.

Typically, a conversion mbox displays nothing but merely listens. Common locations for the conversion mbox are a registration completion page, an order thank you page, or a click-through. You might also use a global mbox to calculate conversion metrics.

The conversion success metric can be associated with an engagement metric. Typically, the chosen mbox is one that is seen on each page, such as a global mbox. You could also choose any mbox.

Tip: The on-success action for a conversion mbox defaults to restart same experience. The Visit column in the summary report increments on each page, because the user constantly converts from the campaign. To prevent this, best practice is to change the conversion success metric's on-success action to count, the default for other success metric types.

If you want to track multiple conversion events, you can pass order information to any mbox.