Transitioning from Target Legacy APIs to Adobe I/O

Information to help you use transition from the Target legacy APIs to the new APIs on Adobe I/O.

With the decommissioning of Adobe Target Classic, the APIs that are connected to your Target Classic account have also been made unavailable. This document will help you transition your legacy API-based integrations to the Target APIs powered by Adobe I/O.

The new and improved Target API documentation can be found on the Adobe Target Developers website (

Note: The Target Recommendations API documentation can be found on the Adobe I/0 Adobe Target website (

This section contains the following information:


Term Description

Legacy API

APIs that are linked to your Target Classic account. These API calls are based on a username and password-based authentication and use the hostname If your API calls contain a user name and password in the request URL, you must transition to Adobe I/O APIs.

Adobe I/O

Adobe I/O: Adobe I/O is the new gateway for Target APIs. These APIs are connected to your Target Standard/Premium account. The Target APIs on Adobe I/O use a JWT-based authentication, which is the industry standard for secure enterprise APIs.


The legacy APIs will be decommissioned when you Target Classic is decommissioned:

Date Details

October 17, 2017

All API methods that perform a write operation (saveCampaign, copyCampaign, saveHTMLOfferContent, and setCampaignState) were decommissioned.

This is the same date when all Target Classic user accounts were set to read-only status.

November 14, 2017

The remaining APIs were decommissioned.

This is the date when the Target Classic user interface was decommissioned

Recommendations Classic APIs won’t be impacted by this time line.

Equivalent Methods

The following table lists the equivalent new Target API methods for the legacy API methods. The new APIs return JSON when compared to the XML response provided by the legacy APIs.

The new API methods are linked to the corresponding section in the API documentation site. An example is provided for each API method. You can also use the Admin Postman Collection that contains sample API calls for all the new Adobe API methods on Adobe I/O.

Grouping Legacy API Method New API Method Notes


Campaign Create

Create AB Activity

Create XT Activity

The new APIs provide separate create methods for AB and XT

Campaign Update

Update AB Activity

Update XT Activity

Copy Campaign


Use the Activity Create APIs

Campaign List

List Activities

Campaign State

Update Activity State

Campaign View

Get AB Activity by ID

Get XT Activity by ID

Third-Party Campaign ID


If you are using a thirdpartyID, the relevant Activity methods can be used


Offer Create

Create Offer

Offer Get

Get Offer by ID

Offer List

List Offers

Folder List


Folders aren’t supported in Target Standard/Premium


Campaign Performance Report

Get AB Performance Report

Get XT Performance Report

Audit Report

Get Audit Report

1-1 Content Report

Get AP Performance Report

Account Settings

Get Host Groups

List Environments


If you require an exception, please contact your Customer Success Manager.


Please contact Adobe Target Client Care ( if you have any questions or need help transitioning to the new Target APIs on Adobe I/O.