Use the Offers library to manage your code offer and image offer content.

Note: In the January 2017 release, offers created via Target Classic, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Adobe Mobile Services (AMS), and APIs are visible in the Target Standard/Premium user interface. Offers updated in the last two years using these methods will be visible (i.e. January 2015 and beyond). The initial synchronization will occur the first time any user in your organization opens the Offers page. The amount of time for the initial synchronization will depend on the amount of data. After the initial synchronization, data will sync incrementally. If you had code and images in the same folder before this release, Target will split them into two duplicate folders. Note that the Updated date and time refers to the time when the folder was migrated and does not reflect the date you originally created the folder.

This video includes information about managing offers.

Offers Library 4:56
  • Connection between the Marketing Cloud Asset Library and the Target Content Library
  • Custom HTML Offers
  • Custom HTML Offer in the Visual Experience Composer

Click Offers to open the library. The library contains the offers that have been set up via Target Standard/Premium, Target Classic, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Adobe Mobile Services (AMS), and APIs. Offers created in Target Classic or other solutions are editable in Target Standard/Premium.

The Offers page has two tabs along the right side: Code Offers and Image Offers that let you view offers by type.

You can filter offers by type ( HTML Offer, Redirect Offer, Remote Offer, or Folder) and by source (Adobe Target, Adobe Target Classic, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Mobile Services, or API).

The Offers library can be displayed as cards (default) or as a list. You can also add an offer, upload an image asset, or create a folder in the Offers list.