Counting Methodology

You can choose to view reports by different counting methodologies to understand how your activities affect your users across their lifetimes or during a single session.

Counting methodology is supported for the following activity types:

  • A/B Test

    As an exception, Auto-Target A/B activities support only the default "Visit" counting methodology.

  • Experience Targeting (XT)

  • Multivariate Test (MVT)

    For the MVT Element contribution report, Target does not support Activity Impressions for Revenue Metric types.

  • Recommendations

Only the default counting methodology (Visits) is currently supported for Automated Personalization (AP) activities.

You can view reports by the following counting methodologies:

  • Visitor: A unique participant in the activity, for the life of the activity.

    A person will be counted as a new entrant if he or she visits the site from a new computer or a new browser; deletes the cookie; or converts and returns to the activity with the same cookie. An entrant is identified by the PCID in the visitor's mbox cookie. If the PCID changes, the person is considered a new visitor.

  • Visit: A unique participant in an experience during a single 30-minute browser session.

    If a conversion is achieved or a visitor comes back to the site after being away at least 30 minutes, a returning visitor counts as a new visit. A visit is identified by the sessionID in the visitor's mbox cookie. When the sessionID changes, the visit is considered new.

  • Impression/Page View: Counted each time a visitor loads any page of the activity.

    A single visit might include several impressions of, for example, your homepage.

Note: Usually, counts are determined by cookies and session activity. However, if you reach the final conversion point of an activity and then re-enter the activity, you are considered a new entrant and a new visit to the activity. This is true even if your PCID and sessionID values do not change.