Adobe Customer Care Office Hours

"Office Hours" is an initiative led by the Adobe Customer Care team. These sessions are designed to inform as well as help participants troubleshoot problems, and provide tips and tricks to be successful with the Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, including Target.

To sign up for upcoming sessions and to watch recorded sessions, see Adobe Customer Care Office Hours.

Current recorded Target sessions include:

Topic / Runtime / Recording Date What you will learn

Visual Experience Composer (VEC)


December 2017

  • How the VEC works

  • How to avoid common issues with the VEC

  • Work-around practices you can use with the VEC

For more information in this guide, see Experiences.

Adobe Target: Analytics/Target Integration (A4T)


January 2018

  • How to set up and validate that the integration is working

  • How the integration works

  • Learn about the ideal reports to use in Analytics

  • Answers to common questions about A4T

For more information in this guide, see Adobe Analytics as the Reporting Source for Adobe Target (A4T).

at.js: Advantages and Implementation Best Practices


April 2018

  • How the at.js library works

  • The advantages of at.js over mbox.js

  • How at.js manages flicker

  • Error handling in at.js

  • Debugging methodologies

  • Known issues and future roadmap

For more information in this guide, see at.js Implementation.

Note: The publish date lets you know when the session was recorded. Some features might have changes and additional functionality added since the publish date.

In addition it sessions about Target, there are other sessions for other Adobe solutions, including Analytics, Campaign, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Primetime, Adobe Core Services, Audience Manager, and more.