at.js Integrations

Information about common integrations with Target and their support status with at.js.

If there are additional integrations you use or if you have a compelling need for an integration that is not supported, please contact your account representative or consultant.

Supported Integrations

Integration Details

Analytics for Target (A4T)

Profiles & Audiences (P&A)

VisitorId Service

Dynamic Tag Management (DTM)

Consider the following when using a DTM integration:

  • Library Management: Use the "Custom" hosting option.

    "Automatic" management is not currently supported.

  • Global Mbox Parameters work
  • Wrapping Mboxes in page-load rules now fire immediately instead of at the end of page load.
  • JavaScript/Third Party Tags: Mbox creation and parameter passing methods can be used in the JavaScript/Third Party Tag sections of Page Load Rules, Event-based Rules, and Direct Call Rules. For example, many customers already trigger view change mboxes using the "pushState or hashChange" or "custom event" conditions in DTM's Event-based Rules.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Cloud Service

The AEM Cloud Service enables access to Target capabilities from within the AEM workflow.

Adobe Experience Manager 6.2 with FP-11577 (or later) now supports at.js implementations with its Adobe Target Cloud Services integration. For more information, see Feature Packs and Integrating with Adobe Target in the Adobe Experience Manager 6.2 documentation.

Unsupported Integrations

Integration Details

Legacy Target to SiteCatalyst Integration

This was the integration that sent campaign and recipe ids to SiteCatalyst via the page call so you could do reporting in the SiteCatalyst UI. This functionality is replaced by A4T.

Legacy Target to SiteCatalyst Integration

This was the integration that made mbox calls named "SiteCatalyst: Event" and "SiteCatalyst: Purchase" so you could build success metrics and user profiles based on evars and props. This functionality is replaced by A4T and P&A.

Legacy Audience Manager (AAM) to Target Integration

This was the integration that made a front-end API call to retrieve AAM segments and then sent them as mbox parameters on every mbox call on the page. It's possible to replicate this integration using the method in at.js.

Third-Party Integrations

Integration Details

Other Tag Managers

at.js should work with non-Adobe tag management platforms, but be careful using custom integration features that other vendors have developed. Their integrations might be dependent on internal mbox.js functions that no longer exist in at.js.

Third-party data providers (e.g. Demandbase, Bluekai, weather APIs)

Many third-party data providers used to supplement Target's user profiling can be replicated using registerExtension().