Administrator first steps

This section contains the first steps Target administrators should take after receiving the emailed invitation to the Adobe Experience Cloud.

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Adobe Target in the Experience Cloud (4:59)

This video includes information about Adobe Target in the Experience Cloud.

  • Describe and understand the value of the Adobe Experience Cloud

  • Log in to the Adobe Experience Cloud with your Adobe ID or create an Adobe ID

  • Invite a new user to the Adobe Experience Cloud

  • Link your Target account to the Adobe Experience Cloud

  • Set Adobe Target as your default landing page

Invite users to Target

Administrators add users to Target by inviting them to join.

  1. Add the new user in the role-specific groups in the Enterprise Dashboard.

    After you add a user, the user receives an invitation email.

  2. After the user accepts the invitation and logs in to Target, configure the user's permission level on the Users page in Target Standard/Premium (Setup > Users).

    You will not see the new user listed on the Users page until the user logs in using his or her Adobe Experience Cloud account and then logs in to Target Standard/Premium by clicking the Target card.

Accept the invitation

After receiving the invitation to join the Adobe Experience Cloud, accept the invitation, log in, and accept the End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

  1. Accept the invitation to the Adobe Experience Cloud.
  2. If you do not already have an Adobe ID, you are prompted to create one.

    If you do have an Adobe ID, then your Adobe ID is recognized and you are prompted to sign in.

  3. Accept the Terms of Use.
  4. Review the summary of what you have done so far, then click Continue to Experience Cloud.
  5. Sign in to the Adobe Experience Cloud and click Link Account.
    Note: If you do not link your account, you will not be able to access Adobe Target Standard.

    All Experience Cloud products appear on the linking page. Click Link Test&Target and enter your Test&Target username and password to access Standard and Classic.

  6. Click Continue to Experience Cloud.

    At this point, you do not yet have any groups set up with entitlements for you to link.

  7. If desired, watch the video introducing you to the Adobe Experience Cloud.
  8. To see your new privileges and access the product, sign out of Adobe Experience Cloud, then sign back in.
  9. Continue to the next step, assigning yourself the Approver role.

Assign yourself the Approver role

After accepting the invitation to join the Adobe Experience Cloud and logging in, confirm that Standard has been added to your Experience Cloud account, then assign yourself the Approver role in Target Standard.

  1. After you log in to the Adobe Experience Cloud, click Target.

    The Target Standard card displays. This confirms that you have added Standard to your Experience Cloud account. At this time, you are not able to create an activity because you have not been given the Approver role.

  2. Click the Target Standard card, then in Standard click Setup > Users.

    Your name appears in the users list.

  3. Click the Approver radio button.

    Now that you are an approver, you can create and edit activities, audiences, and content. You are also able to approve activities.

  4. Continue to the next step, setting up users and roles.