Experiences and Page Designs

An experience, sometimes called a recipe, defines the content that displays on your page, as well as other page elements, such as links.

An experience determines which offer displays in a certain location when specific targeting conditions are met. For example, the experience determines that, when a return visitor visits your site, an offer for two-day shipping displays at the top of the page. The experience also determines that, when a first-time visitor views the page, a 10% discount appears in the same location.

An experience consists of the offers, image assets, or other HTML elements (such as links) that appear on the page to help drive the visitor toward the result you desire. Target combines locations, offers, and experiences to determine which content displays on your site during a specific test.

An experience can also be a different page design. For example, one experience might have one set of links across the top of the page, where another experience has different links or the same links arranged in a different order. You might want to test whether one image provides more lift than another, or whether an ad is more likely to be clicked near the top of your page or in a different location.

Target optimizes experiences for each of your visitors across your digital touchpoints and to test different experiences to determine which will be most successful. By carefully planned targeting of experiences, you can make sure that your site visitors see the most relevant offers in the right locations on your page, improving your chances of a successful visit.