Configure Property Settings

Use the options on the settings page to configure settings for one or more properties. You can configure the property's image, owner, report suite, and publish approval workflow for one or more pages. For Facebook pages, you can enable or disable prediction.

  1. Click Settings > Properties.
  2. Locate the desired property for which you want to configure settings, then click anywhere in the row to enter editing mode.


    To configure settings for more than one property, select the check boxes next to the desired property names, then click Edit Selected.

  3. Edit the settings as desired:

    Thumbnail: Select an option:

    • Default Image: Use the property's default image as the thumbnail in Social.
    • Custom Image: Browse for and select an image from your computer to use as the property's thumbnail in Social.

    Owner: Select the new owner from the drop-down list. The property owner owns the property in Social and can publish and manage the property. As best practice, ownership should be a user group rather than an individual.

    Report Suite: Select the new report suite from the drop-down list. A report suite is the most fundamental level of segmentation in Adobe reporting. Each report suite refers to a dedicated set of tables that are populated in Adobe's collection servers.

    Publish Approval: Select None or select a publishing workflow. If you select a publishing workflow, all content posted to this page must be approved before posting. Posting approval is an optional feature in Social. If your property in Social has the posting approval feature enabled, you can configure posts that need approval.

    Posts that must be approved have a Pending Approval status. Posts need to be approved if, during creation, the Approval option was set or if a user who has user group permissions to create posts, but not to approve his or her own posts for publishing, creates a post.

    When a post is configured that requires approval, it is displayed in the Content Calendar, where you can approve or reject the post. See Content Calendar List View.

    Publisher: (Facebook only) Select the publisher from the drop-down list. This is the name of the publisher that appears on Facebook. In order to configure this setting you must be logged in as an authorizer of the Facebook page.

    Prediction: (Facebook only) Turn Prediction on or off, depending on whether you want to use the Post Predictions feature in the publisher. The Post Predictions feature dynamically predicts the performance of your post. As you adjust post text, content, or the schedule, the Post Predictions section automatically updates. For more information, see the Post Predictions row in Publish Anywhere.

  4. Click Save.