Change Social Report Suite or Company

When you log in to Social, you log in to a report suite and company. If you have more than one report suite or company, you can change to another report suite or company at any time.

To change the report suite

From the Report Suite drop-down list, select the desired report suite.

A report suite defines the complete, independent reporting on a chosen website, set of websites, or subset of web pages. Usually, a report suite is one website, but it can be a global segment where you have combined several sites' numbers to get totals.

When you select another report suite, Social changes to display the information from the selected suite.

To change the company

  1. From the right side of the Social header, click .
  2. From the Company drop-down list, select the desired company.

If your organization has many report suites that apply to different portions within your company, Social provides the ability to create a new login company to divide or copy report suites for different individuals within your organization. This is especially useful for large organizations that deal with different business units where many report suites are not applicable to others in their company.