Getting Started with LinkedIn

Information to help you begin using Social to publish content to your LinkedIn company pages.

This topic includes the following information:

Adding LinkedIn Properties to Social

Before you can publish to LinkedIn company pages, you must add those pages to your Social account. After your properties are added, you can then post status updates to company pages as a company. For more information, see Add LinkedIn Company Pages.

After you have added your LinkedIn properties to Social, you can configure optional settings for the company pages or groups. You can enable or disable approval settings, change property owners, or delete properties. For more information, see Configure Property Settings.

Publishing Posts to LinkedIn Company Pages

Just as you would publish to Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, your LinkedIn properties will be available in the Social Properties drop-down list in the Social Publish Anywhere.

There are a few types of posts and settings you can create:

  • Publish status updates to company pages as a company
  • Create a status update with an inline shortened link
  • Create a status update with a link that includes a description, title, and thumbnail fetched from the link
  • Target based on company size, industry, job function, seniority, and geography
  • Assign a campaign to your status update
Note: When publishing photos to a LinkedIn company page using Social, there is an issue with a social asset link displaying in the post (as shown below). This is due to limitations in the LinkedIn API. As a workaround, you can post natively to LinkedIn if you want to bypass the issue with the link displaying in the post.

For more information about publishing content to your LinkedIn properties, see Publish Anywhere.