Mobile Device Considerations

Create and promote page applications appropriately for users accessing Facebook from mobile devices.

All newly created and existing page applications display appropriately on mobile devices. Social supports all page application templates and elements for viewing on mobile devices.

For information specific to creating applications for display on mobile devices with smaller screens, such a phones, see Create an Application Using Mobile Layout.

Note, because mobile users can access Facebook page applications only from the newsfeed or brand timeline, applications must be actively promoted through publishing, featured posts on your brand's timeline, and promoted posts. To publish your application to the Facebook newsfeed using the Social Publisher, while creating a Facebook post, select the desired application from the Action Link drop-down list. For more information, see the Action Link row in Publisher. You can then configure the post's targeting and campaign options as desired.

When Facebook users Share or Like stories generated by the application, the mobile-friendly link is used so that viral views render properly if accessed from mobile devices as well.