Create and manage applications that you can post on Facebook pages that you manage.

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Note: Social Applications Deprecation: We are currently targeting our April 2015 release to retire tab applications from the Adobe Social product. This includes the removal of all application-related metrics and data. If you have any applications currently deployed to your Facebook pages, our recommendation is to start working on a plan for the migration of those applications to another platform. Additionally, for any applications you have built, we recommend that you download your application’s historical data. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Social Account Manager. For full details, see the Adobe Social Applications - Deprecation Fact Sheet.

We recommend that you request a new Facebook application early in the application-building process. When you create a new page application in Adobe Social, that application exists only in Social, not in Facebook. Before you can publish an application to Facebook, your Adobe Account Manager must manually create an application in Facebook. After the application is created in Facebook, you can then associate the application created in Social with the application in Facebook. For more information, see Request a New Facebook Application.