Dashboards and Reportlets

A dashboard is a collection of thumbnail reports called reportlets. A dashboard is most useful when it contains related reportlets that give you complete overviews of certain aspects of your site, such as finding methods, visitor profiles, and so on.

You can add most marketing reports to a dashboard, including graphically intense reports like the Fallout Report, Conversion Funnel Report, and the Pathfinder Report.

You can also set a dashboard as your landing page, share dashboards with other users, and schedule them for delivery. If you do not set a dashboard (or a bookmark) as a landing page, the My Recommended Reports dashboard displays. My Recommended Reports shows the Key Metrics report plus your five most frequently viewed reports. It is dynamic and based on the actual reports that you view the most.

Be aware that some frequently viewed reports cannot be dashboarded and will not show up. These include:

Note: The Site Overview dashboard is no longer listed in Reports & Analytics. However, there are still a couple of circumstances where you will see some or all of its reportlets.
  • If you have, say, only three frequently viewed reports, Reports & Analytics will take two reports from the Site Overview dashboard to complete the My Recommended Reports dashboard.
  • Brand new report suites will also initially still feature the Site Overview reportlets, until they gets replaced by your frequently viewed reports. Even so, the dashboard will now be called My Recommended Reports.

In addition to the dashboards you create, the following prepackaged dashboards are included for each user:

Dashboard Description

Components > Dashboards > Shared Dashboards > Local Sites

This customizable dashboard provides you a way to drop reportlets into the template provided.

Components > Dashboards > Shared Dashboards > Site Operations Dashboard

This dashboard provides you an overview of key metrics related to your website operations. Reports on this dashboard include:

  • Exit Pages
  • Most Popular Pages
  • Most Popular Site Sections
  • KPI/Gauge Reportlet
  • Text Reportlet
  • Company Summary Reportlet

Use the Dashboard Manager to edit and manage dashboards, and enable them for DirectAccess.

See Dashboard Manager.