ClickMap is a plug-in for Internet Explorer and Firefox, and a module of Reports & Analytics.

Note: Please refer to the Activity Map documentation for information on the next generation of visitor activity and link tracking, including plug-in support for all major browsers, improved data collection/accuracy, support for modern web technologies (responsive design, dynamic content, etc.), segmentation support, full metrics support, integrated pathing data, and real-time click data.

ClickMap lets Analytics clients visually measure traffic, conversion and success metrics within the pages of a web site. You can browse your site and see graphical information about how visitors are interacting with your content - superimposed over the pages of the site. Links on the page are highlighted. The greater the intensity of the color, the more frequently the item is clicked on. These metrics are overlaid on top of the page's links as a kind of 'heat map' to answer critical questions, including the following:

What do the "Loc #" and "Link Type" in the ClickMap report represent? The "Loc #" and "Link Type" data points help ClickMap identify the exact link on the page so that it can associate clicks to it correctly.

Location is determined by the document.all() method in IE browsers. Every element on the page has a location number in the DOM (Document Object Model); document.all() returns the entire DOM, and the Adobe Analytics JavaScript code can then find the specific location of the element that was clicked. In any browser other than IE (Firefox, Safari, etc.), this value defaults to 0 because these browsers do not support the document.all() method in JavaScript.

The Link Type data is determined by the type of tag that was clicked (e.g. anchor, image, Flash, area, button, etc.).