Packet Analyzers

Packet analyzers let you view the data sent by your implementation to Adobe Data Collection Servers.

Simliar to the DigitalPulse Debugger, a packet monitor shows what data parameters are being passed in an image request; however, packet monitors provide added functionality:

To view Analytics requests, filter outgoing requests using "b/ss".

In very rare cases, the debugger will report an image request although no request makes it to Adobe's Analytics processing servers. Using a packet monitor is a great way to be 100% sure that a specific image request is being fired successfully.

While Adobe does not provide an official packet monitor, there are a wide range of them on the internet. The following are some packet monitors others have found useful.

Note: These lists are not meant to be comprehensive, but rather information on frequently used monitors. If you have a packet monitor you successfully use and find useful, feel free to provide feedback using the Feedback button on the right side of this window.
Firefox Internet Explorer Chrome Standalone Programs
Observe Point (tag viewer) HttpWatch Observe Point (tag viewer) Charles
HttpFox   Chrome Developer Tools Fiddler
Tamper Data   Firebug Lite Wireshark
Note: Adobe does NOT support or troubleshoot any issues you may experience with these packet monitors. Consult the packet monitor's originating site for assistance instead.