The fpCookieDomainPeriods variable is for cookies set by JavaScript (s_sq, s_cc, plug-ins) that are inherently first-party cookies even if your implementation uses the third-party 2o7.net or omtrdc.net domains.

The fpCookieDomainPeriods variable should never be dynamically set . If you use cookieDomainPeriods, it is good practice to specify a value for fpCookieDomainPeriods as well. fpCookieDomainPeriods inherits the cookieDomainPeriods value. Note that fpCookieDomainPeriods does not affect the domain on which the visitor ID cookie is set, even if your implementation treats this as a first-party cookie.

The name "fpCookieDomainPeriods" refers to the number of periods (".") in the domain when the domain begins with "www." For example, www.mysite.com contains two periods, while www.mysite.co.jp contains three periods. Another way to describe the variable is the number of sections in the main domain of the site (two for mysite.com and three for mysite.co.jp).

The AppMeasurement for JavaScript file uses the fpCookieDomainPeriods variable to determine the domain with which to set first-party cookies other than the visitor ID (s_vi) cookie. There are at least two cookies affected by this variable, including s_sq and s_cc (used for visitor click map and cookie checking respectively). Cookies used by plug-ins such as getValOnce are also affected.

Max Size Debugger Parameter Reports Populated Default Value
N/A N/A N/A cookieDomainPeriods

Sample Code for Setting Cookie Domain Variables

var d=window.location.hostname

Syntax and Possible Values

The cookieDomainPeriods variable is expected to be a string, as shown below.




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