Event Serialization

Event serialization is the process of implementing measures to prevent duplicate events from entering Analytics reporting. This can commonly occur when a user refreshes the page multiple times, navigates to a certain page multiple times, or saves the web page to their computer (for example, if a customer saves a purchase confirmation page to their computer, every time they view it orders and revenue would be counted again if event serialization was not in place).

Event serialization is useful in the following instances:

Note: Data Sources does not support event serialization or de-duplication.

This document describes the process used to implement Event serialization for conversion and custom events. To use Event serialization, you must first enable it in Admin > Report Suite > [select report suite] > Edit Settings > Success Events. Then select which events you want recorded in the Unique Event Recording column.

Default Behavior

The default behavior is to count each instance of an event. An event is set for each pageviewthat is counted, even on page reloads or page refreshes. The s.purchaseID variable is used in order to uniquely identify each order (purchase). This allows a user to reload the order page without recounting the order, revenue, or products. A similar feature is available for all events. This includes pre-defined events such as prodView and scCheckout, as well as all custom events.