Adobe Debugger

The Adobe Debugger (previously DigitalPulse Debugger) is a free tool provided by Adobe that lets you view the data being collected from your site on any given page.

Note: DigitalPulse debugger was recently moved from to If you are having issues using the debugger, copy the updated code from Adobe Debugger Installation and update your bookmarklet.

When executed in your browser, it shows the image requests that transmitted data from that page into Experience Cloud solutions, along with any variable values or parameters that were captured. This allows you and your developers to check the validity of your implementation on any page on your site.

The DigitalPulse Debugger is officially supported for use in all recent versions and builds of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Safari.

Note: Because the Debugger functions by creating a pop-up window when you access a special bookmark in your web browser, certain ad-blocking plug-ins and pop-up blockers might interfere with the loading of the Debugger.