Dashboard Creation

As part of the implementation process, your Adobe Consultant will help you create a dashboard.

Your Consultant will schedule and hold a dashboard kickoff meeting. During the meeting, You and your Consultant will gather requirements and fill out the Dashboard Requirements Document (DRD). After the call, your Consultant will give you a final copy of the DRD and identify the next steps.

Adobe Analytics Dashboard Fundamentals

Dashboards help your business:

  • Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Understand your customers better
  • Respond to competitive pressures more quickly
  • Assist in quick decision making and planning

Before Adobe can help your organization with the visual design of a dashboard, it is important to help your Consultant understand your requirements. The following questionsshould be answered:

  1. How often should the data be updated in the dashboard?
  2. Who will use the dashboard? Is it for a single person, a single group, or people in several different departments?
  3. What will they use the dashboard to do? What questions will they use it to answer? What actions will they take in response to these answers?
  4. What specific information should be displayed on the dashboard? List all of the data items that should be included on the dashboard. Also indicate the level of summary/detail at which each item should be expressed on the dashboard.
  5. Which of the data items listed above are the key (most important) items needed to meet the objectives supported by the dashboard?
  6. What are the logical groupings that could be used to organize these data items on the dashboard? Into which of these groups does each data item belong?
  7. What are the useful comparisons that will allow the dashboard's users to see the data items listed above in context?

The Adobe Analytics Dashboard Fundamentals document contains a list of questions that will help Adobe create an initial dashboard structure. Once in place, you and your Consultant can customize the dashboards according to your business needs.