Field descriptions for the Cookies global settings used for deploying Dynamic Tag Management in Adobe Analytics.

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Element Description
Visitor ID

Unique value that represents a customer in both the online and offline systems.

See visitorID.

Visitor Namespace

Variable to identify the domain with which cookies are set.

See visitorNamespace.

Domain Periods

The domain on which the Analytics cookie s_cc and s_sq are set by determining the number of periods in the domain of the page URL. This variable is also used by some plug-ins in determining the correct domain to set the plug-in's cookie.

See s.cookieDomainPeriods.

FP Domain Periods

The fpCookieDomainPeriods variable is for cookies set by JavaScript (s_sq, s_cc, plug-ins) that are inherently first-party cookies, even if your implementation uses the third-party or domains.

See s.fpCookieDomainPeriods.

Transaction ID

Unique value that represents an online transaction that resulted in offline activity.

See transactionID.

Cookie Lifetime

Determines the life span of a cookie.

See s.cookieLifetime.