The cookieLifetime variable is used by both JavaScript and data collection servers in determining the lifespan of a cookie.

Max Size Debugger Parameter Reports Populated Default Value
N/A cl Traffic > Technology > Cookies All visitor-related reports ""

If cookieLifetime is set, it overrides any other cookie expirations for both JavaScript and data collection servers, with one exception, described below. The cookieLifetime variable can have one of three values:

Syntax and Possible Values


The possible values are listed as follows:

  • ""
  • "NONE"
  • An integer representing the number of seconds until expiration


s.cookieLifetime="86400" // one day in seconds

Configuration Settings


Pitfalls, Questions, and Tips

cookieLifetime affects Analytics tracking. If, for example, cookieLifetime is two days, then monthly, quarterly, and yearly unique visitor reports will be incorrect. Use caution when setting cookieLifetime.