Business Governance Questionnaire

There are six pillars of digital analytics that can help you understand whether your organization is positioned to make the most of the business intelligence your data can provide.

  • Clear objectives
  • Organization-wide scope
  • Right expertise
  • Tools and technology
  • Process
  • G​overnance (that ties them all together)

Organizations that successfully make the most of their data have put into place well-defined and well-communicated roles and responsibilities. This holds teams and people accountable across the full ​spectrum of activities required to collect, analyze, and use data to measure and act on business goals. This is known as governance.

Responsibility is another aspect of governance. Governance is the process of outlining who has responsibility for making collection, analysis, implementation and assessment a success and how these activities can be supported. This can range from ownership and responsibility of a particular area to simply being informed and aware of the progress or setbacks. The Business Governance Questionnaire contains business questions that need to be filled by our client before the Analytics implementation kick-off meeting.​​