Default Reply Image. Specifies the image or catalog entry to be used when an image cannot be found.



Image object.

object may be either a catalog entry (including a template) or a simple image file path. Useful for substituting missing images with default images. This value overrides the value of the corresponding catalog attribute::DefaultImage. An empty value (defaultImage=) disables default image handling.

Note: The default image mechanism does not apply to SVG objects. An error is returned if the SVG object specified in the request cannot be found.

If attribute::DefaultImageMode=0, object replaces the entire original request, even if only one image in a multi-image composition is missing. The only commands retained from the original request are: wid=, hei=, fmt=, qlt=.

If attribute::DefaultImageMode=1, object replaces only the missing layer image; attributes for the missing layer are applied and the composite is processed and returned as usual.


Request attribute. Applies regardless of the current layer setting. Ignored if req= is other than img or tmb.


Foreign image sources are not covered by the default image mechanism; an error is returned if a foreign image source is not valid.

Image Serving reverts back to DefaultImageMode=0 when nested Image Rendering or FXG render requests fail.