Virtual Report Suite Component Curation

Virtual report suites can be curated to include and exclude Analysis Workspace.

To enable component curation,

  1. Go to Analytics > Components > Virtual Report Suites > Create new virtual report suite.
  2. After defining the Settings, click the Components tab.
  3. Select the checkbox Enable Virtual Report Suite Component Customization:

    Note: If component customization is enabled, the virtual report suite is accessible only in Analysis Workspace and is not accessible in the following:
    • Reports & Analytics
    • Ad Hoc Analysis
    • Data Warehouse
    • Report Builder
    • The Reporting API

    Once checked, you can add the components you'd like to be included in the virtual report suite by dragging the applicable components from the "excluded" column to the "included" column. The components that can included and excluded are:

    • Dimensions
    • Metrics
    • Segments
    Note: There is no need to share curated components (segments, calculated metrics, date ranges). They will always be visible in Analysis Workspace if they are curated for the virtual report suite, even if they are not shared.
  4. Additionally, you can filter or search the components and add the entire filtered selection to the included column by clicking Add All.

Renaming Components

You can change the display names of included components specific to the virtual report suite. For example, if you want to include Page Name in the virtual report suite, but want to rename it to a more mobile friendly context, you can change it to App Screens. The new name is displayed in Analysis Workspace whenever this virtual report suite is used.

In Analysis Workspace, click the information icon for any included component to reveal the original name of the renamed component:

Component Groups

Use component groups to make bulk component additions to your virtual report suite. For example, if you'd like to import a default set of components specific to mobile app analysis, select the mobile app group. A corresponding set of dimensions and metrics (already renamed) are automatically added to the virtual report suite Included list.

Workspace Behavior

To allow anyone to access components from the base report suite that were not included in the original virtual report suite definition when using a virtual report suite with excluded components, click Show All Components. This makes the full list of components visible.